The Green Lantern has a listed production budget of $200 Million dollars. Currently the film has made $114 Million domestic, with that total edging toward maybe crossing over $120 Million. Currently the international numbers list the all-in total at $40 Million, which means even if a studio got every dollar of every ticket (they don’t, the rule of thumb is usually a 2-1 ratio), they haven’t made a profit, and may never. And yet Jeff Robinov has told the LA Times that the sequel – which they are supposedly working on – needs to be “edgier.”

As with any movie like this, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Martin Campbell are surely locked into multi-picture deals to return, so the studio has the base they need to go forward. But what they haven’t proved is that anyone cared. Warners is going forward with a Clash of the Titans sequel, but though the domestic numbers weren’t great, the film was huge internationally, and did nearly half a billion dollars worldwide.

There are two reasons to keep talking this up. One is that they’re trying to keep interest going, and get people seeing the film, even though it’s perceived as a misfire or flop. This may not lead to a future movie, but it could lead to a break-even balance (not that Warner Brothers is having a bad summer, with both Harry Potter, The Hangover Part II and Horrible Bosses being hugely profitable). The other is that they’re serious, in an attempt to bludgeon audiences into seeing more Lantern with a slightly different (more Batman-based) take. We’ve seen the studios pursue interestingly stupid attempts at using brand name recognition to get audiences in theaters, ala Battleship, so perhaps they would rather gamble on something that seems like a losing bet with name recognition than an unknown. Or perhaps international will save Lantern. Still, until we get closer, this just seems to be talk.

Do you want a Green Lantern sequel?