Well, this is… interesting.  Francis Ford Coppola, director of some of the finest films of, well, ever—I’m looking at you, Godfathers I & II, The Conversation, and Apocalypse Now (and maybe I’m nodding casually and then secretly winking at Rumble Fish and Peggy Sue Got Married)—has released the trailer to his mysterious new film, Twixt (watch him speak about it in Hall H at C0mic-Con).

Coppola has said the idea for the film came to him in a drunken dream, and, yeah, if there’s one place you can expect to find a chubby and ponytailed Val Kilmer spending time writing sub-Stephen King horror novels while teaming up with a local small town sheriff to solve mysteries while at the same time being haunted by Edgar Allen Poe and doing battle with a teenage vampire motorcycle gang, it’s in a drunken dream.

Check out the trailer below, via The AV Club.

So it looks like a bizarre mesh of ‘Salem’s Lot, Rumble Fish, and, sigh, Twilight… which is sort of alarming, isn’t it?  But!  Here’s hoping that the Coppola behind this madness is the crazed genius of Apocalypse Now, and not the broken man behind the horror that was, gulp, Jack.  Please, anything but JackAnything.

What do you think of the Twixt trailer?  Good or bad?