A great short film can go a long way, and that’s what Courtney Moorehead Balaker is hoping of hers, Cute Couple. She completed the short film a few years, and with that behind her, she now ready and inspired to go bigger. Balaker started the Untitled Jackson Hole Project which is a feature film about a group of thirty-somethings who get together for a mini-reunion. However, the project isn’t just a film project, it also has another goal, one common to many independent filmmakers, and that’s to raise money to actually make the thing. You can get full details below, and even check out her short film Cute Couple, which is very, very entertaining and unique.

Before you get a taste of Balaker’s quirky style, let her pitch to you. Visit the Untitled Jackson Hole Project website on Kickstarter for all details (just follow the link). Below is a synopsis of her feature film.

UNTITLED JACKSON HOLE PROJECT is a feature film that brings a group of (mostly) thirty-somethings together for a mini-reunion in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming over a long holiday weekend. What starts out as a fun-loving reunion filled with reminiscing quickly degrades into a test of relationships once a shocking request is made by their host, Meredith.

UNTITLED JACKSON HOLE PROJECT has a 50K in 50 day goal via Kickstarter! With your help, the $50,000+ raised on Kickstarter, the use of the Wyoming tax incentive aka Film Industry Financial Incentive (FIFI) and the generous support of angel investors will allow us to be in official pre-production this September and begin filming in late fall!

Finally, check out her short film Cute Couple, which I found very entertaining. It has a unique style that has a sort of 1960s vibe to it. It’s only 15 minutes, but hopefully it’ll convince you to lend a hand to a filmmaker in need.

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