I don’t mean to sound biased off the bat, but let’s be honest here. “True Blood” has been hitting the right notes ever since the season premiere, nearing perfection – and sometimes embodying it – with each passing week. Thrilling drama, unexpected twists, steamy scenes, and a whole lot more have characterized season four thus far, and “I Wish I Was The Moon” is no exception. While it isn’t the best episode of “True Blood,” it remains an outstanding example of what this show has to offer.

The Players:

Episode Title: “I Wish I Was The Moon”

Eric surrenders to the King; a suspicious fire burns Arlene and Terry’s house; Tommy and Sam fall victim to a literal change-up; Tara deals with the consequences of her deceit; the full moon spells trouble for Jason; Alcide is under pressure to join the new werewolf community; Marnie connects with an ancient spirit; Lafayette and Jesus encounter black magic in Mexico.

The Good:

  • Starting off and ending with (a) bang: After dragging out the sexual tension for five long episodes – on top of three seasons – HBO finally gives a vocal segment of the show’s fan base what it has wanted for years now. Sure, it’s a bit delayed due to various goings-on in the episode, but it’s here isn’t it? And the scenes in question are, without a doubt, two of the most epic of this season; even fans with nothing but hatred for Sookie and Eric have to admit that.
  • Pam: Within the first ten minutes of the episode, Pam steals the spotlight from her maker with her rapid-fire, foul-mouthed wit. She has progressed from serving as Eric’s trusty lieutenant to being in the forefront of the show’s action. It’s a shame to see her literally wasting away, her newfound role suits her so well.
  • The inferno: The “demon baby” subplot culminates in something finally worth our attention, although not much comes of it in this hour. The melodrama seems to have given way to something slightly less absurd. The fallout from the fire, which affects the lives of multiple characters, should be fascinating to watch as it unfolds.
  • The werepanther: After Jason escaped from Hotshot, I told myself that it would be too soon if I ever saw Jason tied to a bed again. Well, it didn’t take long for the guy to find himself in that situation again, although this time, it was a self-imposed safety measure. Nevertheless, I enjoyed seeing the banter between Jason and Sookie that came of this ridiculous moment; their bond is one of the few relationships on which we can count in this show.
  • Tara: As a character who has gone to hell and back over the past season and a half, Tara is one person in particular who deserves happiness. As uncharacteristic as it is of “True Blood” for anyone to get what they want without strings attached, it was wholly satisfying to see Tara find peace and love in spite of her past – although it clearly is going to catch up to her yet again.
  • Marnie: Things are yet again taking a turn for the exciting as Marnie channels the spirit with whom she has been connecting over the past two episodes. While previous scenes involving Marnie have been mostly self-contained, last week’s episode combined with this hour have moved the plot forward in a considerable way. After only minutes of exposure to the spirit as embodied by Marnie, I already want to see more of this Antonia in action, exacting her revenge on the vampires of Bon Temps.
  • Jason and Jessica: While this implied blossoming love affair is artificially fueled by V, there appear to be some genuine sparks flying between these two. I hate to think of anything coming between Hoyt and Jessica’s love, but in this episode, Jessica and Jason bond in an unexpected way that is peculiarly appealing in its innocence.
  • Line of the night: “I’m a police officer and a werepanther. Back off!”

The So-So:

  • Alcide: As much as I love Alcide, it seemed odd to place his involvement in the Mississippi werewolf community – or lack thereof – in the middle of the happenings occurring in Bon Temps and to those who inhabit the town. What connection does his association with the werewolves have to the main arc of the season other than his relationship with Sookie and his brief appearance in Bon Temps in this week’s episode? Future episodes should make the correlation clearer, or drop this line altogether.
  • Once upon a time in Mexico: Last week’s episode made the reason for Jesus and Lafayette’s pilgrimage to Mexico clear, but this week’s hour seemed to drop the line almost entirely in favor of some peculiar, inexplicable black magic. Without the goal for the trip spelled out, the venture seemed to dissolve into chaos that is difficult to watch with vested interest.

The Bad:

  • The change-up: Tommy and Sam’s “Freaky Friday” subplot plays out like a bad R-rated comedy. While it certainly doesn’t come out of nowhere and has been plotted out for the duration of the season, it seems out of place in this episode. Without a doubt, “Sam’s” actions are clichéd and ludicrous, as though they were written in by wannabe comedy writers.


This week’s episode has its flaws, but it is nonetheless an enjoyable hour of “True Blood” with a payoff in the last five minutes that is sure to please. The consequences of the events from “I Wish I Was The Moon” will undoubtedly be felt several episodes from now, making this an hour of television that builds an excitement fans will feel all week long.

Rating: 8/10

“True Blood” airs every Sunday night on HBO!

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