Sigh.  Just in time for the network’s 30th birthday, MTV decided to announce it’s new TV show, which, if the title is to tell us anything, will also serve as the final epitaph for ever considering music ever returning to MTV ever again… Hey, you know what?  This is simply too exhausting to even make a “hey, MTV sure doesn’t play music anymore!” joke.   For Christ’s sake, the show is called Dumb Girls, which is the equivalent of MTV shrugging and saying, “oh, what the hell?”

From The AV Club:

“Dumb Girls [hails] from Lauren Iungerich, the same creator/executive producer as the recently debuted Awkward., with the stylistically mandated “period” denoting it as an emotionless rejoinder used comically by young people, symbolizing that it is an “awkward period” in their lives, and reminding us that it is about young ladies who sometimes get their period, which is awkward. Dumb Girls follows that same trajectory, concerning a group of twentysomething females who are “smart in life but dumb in love,” which also describes several other in-development shows with similar titles, including Lena Dunham’s Girls and CBS’ Two Broke Girls.”

And hey, who knows, maybe next season MTV will just release a show call Screw It, We Give Up, in which we will watch Snooki having a hangover puke for 30 minutes straight (will allowances for 15 minutes of commercial breaks, of course.

What do you think of the MTV news?