Hey, remember that horribly titled John Gotti biopic, Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father, starring John Travolta?  And remember that vaguely queasy feeling you got whenever you read about the film, due to the general sense that this movie—that at one point was rumored to star Lindsay Lohan—just sounded like a really bad idea?  Well, Joe Pesci has decided to show up and do what Joe Pesci (or, rather, his characters) does best—namely,  he’s gonna hit this thing in the kneecaps and get some money out of it.

According to The AV Club:

Pesci suing producers Fiore Films, alleging that they reneged on a contract that would have paid him $3 million to star as Gotti capo Angelo Ruggiero, switching him at the last minute to a lesser role and a $1 million payout. Even more telling, however, Pesci’s lawsuit further charges that his hiring was always just a ruse to stir up publicity for the film and lend Pesci’s considerable mob movie cachet to attract investors the shaky project… Pesci reportedly “ended his very strict and healthy diet” to pack on 30 pounds for the role.

So, according to Pesci, Gotti producer Mark Fiore allegedly lied to Pesci, and then made him get fat.  Man, that’s just mean.

What do you think about the Gotti film news?