This week Franklin and Bash go back to high school and explore the million dollar question, “what is it about high school that never leaves us?” The episode ‘Bachelor Party’ was full of cliched situations, like teachers sleeping with students and fiances sleeping with hookers during their bachelor parties, but if you’re an avid “Franklin & Bash” viewer, then you know that there’s really nothing cliche about these situations. Once again, our boys are able to deliver an entertaining episode. It just keeps getting better.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Bachelor Party”

Janine requests the services of Peter after finding her fiancé Nathan in some legal trouble during his bachelor party. Jared goes back to his high school for a case where a teacher is accused of sleeping with a student.

The Good:

  • Franklin and Bash Go Back to High School: Franklin gets a case that takes him back to his most vulnerable days as a high school teenager. An attractive teacher from his old high school comes to him bearing the problem ‘I’ve slept with my student, but didn’t know he was my student.’ It may sound like a typical problem, but Franklin makes his case in his own unique way. The best scene of the night (and possibly the entire season) includes Franklin and Bash breaking into school pretending to be teacher evaluators. Franklin gives the best line to some student telling him, “Let the cool kids have high school because in twenty years the Chris Brigg’s of the world, they work for us.”
  • Franklin Gets a Girl: And so out of the whole case Franklin takes on, he gets a girl. It’s cute and sweet. I don’t know if we’ll see her again, but I sure hope so. Franklin needs some love too. We know Bash’s the hunk, but Franklin is awesome.
  • Bash’s New Bromance: Bash develops a relationship with Janie’s fiancee. At first the case/relationship seems fishy, but towards the end, we see a new side to Bash. He puts away any hidden agendas and does some pretty unselfish things. By the end, we have a bromance between two unlikely characters and it’s believable.

The So-So:

  • Too Many Twists: “Franklin & Bash” is getting known for its twists. They’re spontaneous, even though you known they’re coming sooner or later. This week, it’s not so much that they were bad, it’s just that there were too many. After almost every scene, one of the characters would think of something new and that would lead to a new, new twist. It was entertaining for a while, but if they’re not careful, they could lose or confuse an audience.


“Franklin & Bash” just gets better and better. Meyer and Gosselaar are perfect for each other.

Rating: 9/10

“Franklin & Bash” airs every Wednesday night on TNT!

What did you think of last night’s episode?