Because, who knows, maybe he got tired of directing really mediocre adventure thrillers that are based upon really mediocre adventure-thriller novels, Ron Howard has announced that he will not be directing The Last Symbol,  the third film in a series of adaptations of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code series.

According to The AV Club, “Howard’s decision is based on his not wanting to ‘do that thing over, the same character and the same stories,” which is odd, considering how he’s planning on directing three films and two seasons of a television show that adapt Stephen King’s massive seven-novel series, The Dark Tower.  Maybe it’s just Howard’s polite way of saying that he doesn’t want to see Tom Hanks with that goofy haircut running all over Europe and Middle East.  I don’t know, I could be wrong.

In any case, Howard’s noble attempt to spare humanity from a third Da Vinci code film has proven ultimately fruitless, as “Sony is reportedly already searching behind every national monument for a new director.”  Sigh.  Could somebody lock Michael Bay in a room for the next nine to fifteen months?  And maybe disconnect his phone, too.  Never can be too careful.

What do you think of the Ron Howard news?