Cliffhangers can be tricky, and often times quite annoying, but if there’s one thing “Weeds” does extremely well, it’s just that. Monday night’s episode ended with a bang! (I really don’t want to spoil it for you so if you didn’t see last night’s episode yet, do yourself a favor and do!) Nancy is still fighting with her irritating sister over Stevie, Jill wants custody and Nancy is summoned to appear in court for a custody hearing, but when things don’t go as planned, our lioness mother (Nancy) gets out her claws.


The Players:

Episode: “Fingers Only Meat Banquet

With help from her lawyer and Silas, Nancy returns to California to continue her custody battle against Jill; Andy’s relationship takes a bizarre turn; Shane gives college a try by enrolling in classes; back on Wall Street, Doug makes do without Nancy.

The Good:

  • Nancy & Silas: The relationship between Nancy and Silas is one of the reasons to love season 7. They have this love-and-hate relationship where they both try to do things on their own, but end up always having to work together. They’re their best when they work together. Last night, Silas wasn’t sure if he should help his mother out during her custody hearing. She’s no mother of the year, after all. However, when it came down to it, he backed her up. Their relationship feels real, and they have great chemistry as mother and son.
  • Jill: So we didn’t get to see Jill during this episode, but we got to hear her through an intercom. She’s such a spiteful character, but she’s good at it. The fights between her Nancy are some of the most entertaining moments because it feels like you’re listening to two young siblings fight over who gets to play with the barbie.
  • “Epilogue”: The ending of ‘Fingers Only Meat Banquet’ was the best! Nancy gets advice from the judge about her parenting. He tells her that she needs to go back to being the old Nancy and to not try and make a dramatic change. It was a heartfelt moment. Then we see Nancy and Silas driving down a beautiful road, surrounded by trees. I was expecting there to some sort of meaningful conversation between Nancy and Silas, but instead we see that the two are trying to score some weed! Then there’s one hell of a surprise. WATCH IT!

The Bad:

  • Massage Parlor Scene: What was that? Doug is usually a favorite of mine, but not this week. “Weeds” is not one to shy away from explicit sex scenes, but the whole “hand jobs” deal was a bit awkward. Didn’t work for me.


“Weeds” is getting it’s groove back, and that will make fans very happy.

Rating: 9/10

“Weeds” airs on Showtime at 10pm (ET/PT) on Monday nights.

What did you think of last night’s episode?