Jake Gyllenhaal fans rejoice! Because your favorite actor has the week on DVD all to himself this week, allowing you to enjoy his trip to a train in total exclusivity.

No. Seriously. There is really nothing else on DVD this week. Not at all. Nada. Bupkus. Oh wait! The third season of “Jersey Shore” hits shelves this week too. So there is hope.

Check it all out below…

Feature Films

The Source Code

It’s interesting what passes for a leading man these days.

Jake Gyllenhaal, by most measures, is the seventh or eighth biggest male movie star in America. Why? Because he routinely gets films, and weekends, all to himself.

Since he starred in his biggest hit (“The Day After Tomorrow”) Gyllenhaal has been given the lead in a war movie Oscar vehicle (“Jarhead”) summer tentpoles (“Prince of Persia”), movies from big name directors (“Zodiac”, “Brothers”) and a Thanksgiving rom-com (“Love and Other Drugs”). All that, plus a few other lead roles that consumed commercial breaks for months on end.

And take a guess. How many movies passed $100 million at the box office? Yes. That would be zero. Zero! Jerry Bruckheimer couldn’t even get this guy across the century mark.

In fact, the only movie of his that could be considered a success in this time period was “Brokeback Mountain”. Of course, that film did not feature him the lead and didn’t really rely on him for marketing.

In other words, in the films that Gyllenhaal has been required to open, he’s 0-for-8 with an average box office gross of $40 million per movie. Not exactly setting the world on fire.

And the biggest surprise? The very mediocre-performing Source Code is actually an above average film for Gyllenhaal! That’s not to say any of this is his fault, he just gets way more hype than he merits.

But if you love him, you can Buy “The Source Code” on DVD


Dylan Dog: Dead of NightBuy Now


“Jersey Shore”: Season 3

My “Jersey Shore” recommendation goes one of two ways.

Most people who have watched this show for awhile hate it at this point. The constant Ronnie/Sammie bickering has torpedoed the show, The Situation doesn’t do anything anymore, and the cast repeats the same actions on an endless loop. So yes, it’s not as good as it once was.

But I think that comes with a caveat: The initial shock of this crew has worn off. The big draw to this show initially was simply how crazy these people were and the shock of seeing this insane world they inhabit.

I still think, if you’ve managed to not hear of them at all, that the third season of this show will hold the same allure the first season did for those who’ve always been along for the ride.

Don’t believe me? Buy “Jersey Shore” Season 3 on DVD



And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…