Jeez—this guy really, really likes to talk.  As film directing seems to be further and further from his mind, news broke today that Kevin Smith—director of films such as Clerks, Chasing Amy, Cop Out, and Red State—is set to host his own talk show.  Yes, you read that right—Kevin Smith is going to host a talk show.

According to Vulture, Smith is “developing a daily, half-hour, syndicated talk show that would blend celebrity chat and comedy.”

Work has already begun on a pilot for the potential talker, with Smith asking his legion of Twitter fans Tuesday to e-mail him if they want to be in the audience. So just what would a Kevin Smith talk show look like? Vulture got its hands on an e-mail the show’s booking staff has been sending to potential guests, and it provides a pretty good idea of what’s brewing.

According to the message, Smith’s reps are telling celebs that the tentatively titled Kevin Smith Project will be “a daily 30-minute entertainment talk show for syndication … The idea is a Regis and Kelly talk show at the opposite end of the day for the opposite kind of audience — the 12-34 demo. Kevin and his co-host will talk water-cooler topics at the top of the show, followed by a celebrity interview and a comedy segment from the field (a la The Daily Show). Each show will feature one celebrity interview.”

While Smith’s fame isn’t exactly mainstream—so who knows how many people will actually tune into this thing—Smith has shown himself to be a more adept public speaker than director of late, and his spoken-word shows are pretty hilarious.  File this under “cautiously optimistic.”

What do you think of the Kevin Smith news?