True Blood” is a show that always seems to know exactly what it’s doing. Every plot twist and turn, no matter how unexpected or farfetched, is executed and later assimilated into the canon with an expert ease that only makes the viewer’s total shock more pronounced. Like junkies in search of a V fix, fans who thrive on that thrill tune in every Sunday night at 9 p.m. with confidence that the next hour of “True Blood” will be just as incredible as the last, if not more so. And this week, just like every other, HBO delivers everything it promises and a whole lot more.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Me And The Devil”

Sookie comforts a vulnerable Eric; Tommy escapes his parents and enlists Sam’s help; Pam’s vanity breeds anger; Tara’s past haunts her present; Arlene and Terry seek religious intervention to solve their son’s problem; Jesus and Lafayette head to Mexico to request help from Jesus’s grandfather; Jason’s recovery begins; Bill gets involved with the necromancers; Marnie discovers more about her possessor; Alcide receives an unexpected visitor.

The Good:

  • The Mickens family reunion: The episode kicks off with a scene that is bound to get your heart pumping. No matter how you feel about Tommy, his “reunion” with his parents is pure intensity offset by a heart-wrenching moment at the very end that will leave you thinking, “What the hell just happened?” When that is your response to a sequence of events, that right there is “True Blood” at its best.
  • Eric’s old friend: When Eric received a visit from – how should I put this? – an old friend, I almost jumped out of my seat and thanked the gods of “True Blood.” Although the scene is not of much consequence initially, it is a fantastic sequence for those of us who have missed seeing this particular person grace the screen. I like to think of it as a bittersweet reunion for and a nod to the vocal set of fans.
  • Jessica and Hoyt: Their presence on screen was all too short this episode, but whenever they are together, it is obvious that their relationship will only go south from here on out. The knowledge of their self-destructive ways makes their scenes all the more devastating to watch.
  • Sensitive Eric: I never would have said this a couple of seasons ago, but if you take away the leather and pithy remarks, there is something very sweet and gentle in Eric. Nevertheless, this is not an organic change in the man…er, vampire. A lot of Eric’s softer side must be attributed to not only his memory loss but also Sookie’s maternal instinct, which brings out a great deal of his vulnerability. The change will most certainly not last, but for now, it is fun to watch this dynamic unfold.
  • Tara’s past: It’s about time that Tara’s issues have caught up with her. The situation is ratcheting up in a way that is undoubtedly setting the stage for an explosion in future episodes. It’s all just a matter of time for poor Tara, who clearly can’t catch a break no matter how hard she tries.
  • Marnie’s reading: Two beings with great gifts finally come together as their plots begin to intertwine. Not only that, but we learn something new about Marnie from a very reliable source that makes us question this new character. This scene is a very well-executed moment of revelation using Sookie’s normally suppressed power.
  • Jason’s dream: If the hour is almost up and you’re wondering where all the sex is, just wait until you get to a sequence starring Jason and two friends whose presence is a steamy surprise. All I have to say is this: wowza!
  • Line of the night: The credit goes to Bill for this witticism: “Oh, good. The world needs more beekeepers.”

The So-So:

  • Baby exorcism: Five episodes in, and I still couldn’t care less about Arlene and Terry’s baby. Bringing in Tara’s mother to reinforce the small town feel of Bon Temps was a nice touch, but otherwise, there is nothing particularly intriguing about this supposed demon baby. Rene has been dead too long and too much has happened for his involvement in the show to be considered consequential.


Exhilarating, hilarious, and oh-so-sexy, this episode has it all and then some. Between Sookie and Eric’s will-they-or-won’t-they interactions and Pam’s one-liners, “Me And The Devil” exemplifies the best that “True Blood” has to offer. Perhaps it is too much of a stretch to assume that this show can do no wrong, but it is pretty close to being a perfect slice of television heaven.

Rating: 10/10

“True Blood” airs every Sunday night on HBO!

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