After seven years, seven seasons and becoming one of the most influential TV shows in the past decade, “Entourage” finally enters its eighth and final season. When we last saw Vince & Co, Vince was arrested for cocaine. Meanwhile his brother Johnny Drama signed a TV deal, Turtle was on the verge of losing his tequila company, and both E’s and Ari’s relationship had ended.

The Players:

Episode Title:” Home Sweet Home”

Vince, fresh out of rehab with a new lease on life, tries to convince Ari & Co that he wants to make a new movie about a Romanian mining disaster to the reluctance of everyone around him. Meanwhile, E and Ari deal with relationship problems.

The Good:

  • Adrian Grenier: Grenier finally gets a chance to shine and showcase his acting chops as he portrays Vince as a vulnerable recovering drug addict.
  • The Cast: Turtle, E, And Drama have always been solid side characters, but judging from the first episode they are taking their characters new directions and we can’t wait to see what happens.
  •  Jeremy Piven: Like Grenier, Piven is able to get out of his safe zone and show another side of Ari that we have never seen before, but is certainly welcomed.

The So-So:

  • Redundant Story line: As much we love “Entourage,” there isn’t much steam left in the story department. Vince and the boys have pretty much followed the arc of every major Hollywood star, start as an unknown, becoming massively famous over night, mess up your career and have a major comeback. This arc has been repeated a few times throughout the show and has finally run its course.


While the story line may be redundant, the focus on the characters and acting is certainly refreshing and welcomed, and will add an exciting element to the finale season of “Entourage.”

Rating: 8/10

“Entourage,” airs every Sunday at 10PM on HBO!