I love the way Comic-Con is going sometimes. Though opening the doors to less comic-book and more genre related films gives us things like Twilight, it also opens the doors to other indie filmmakers. The Con itself seems to be slowly moving into a more creative host for all kinds of creative endeavors with some of the finest filmmakers ever. A perfect example is that right now, I’m sitting here, in Hall H waiting for none other than Francis Ford Coppola to come out and present the first ever footage for Twixt at Comic-Con 2011 — I will remember this day. So great to see a name like Coppola’s in Hall H and at Comic-Con!

And now it’s time and the man himself is here!

11:49 — Coppola has come out on stage with his star Val Kilmer and composer, Dan Deacon. Immediately he’s talking about not only why shot his latest film in 3D, but how. The whole film (much like almost every other film) is not in 3D because he doesn’t think it’s needed/used. He is speaking about how in Avatar he took the glasses off until there was a scene that should be shot in 3D. He believe “some good sequences should be thought in 3D [but not all]… so you don’t have to get a headache through the whole experience.”

Check out what he had to say on this and then keep reading for more…

Also, the 3D Edgar Allen Poe masks that were given out to watch the footage in (see below) also have a program on the back of them which is a throw back to Apocalypse Now, a film that had no credits but a program that accompanied it.

Coppola has also just announced, that much like what Kevin Smith has just done with Red State, he will also be doing live shows with TWIXT which will have music being composed live by Dan Deacon — though it’s not completely clear as to how or what exactly they mean by that, but sounds like a cool idea!

Now they’re rolling the footage. Check out what it’s like to watch Coppola footage at Comic-Con below (sorry for the “Val” typo, that should be “Val Kilmer”)…

Footage: We just got to see the footage for TWIXT. It’s really impressive, creepy and dark and yet artistic and fresh. It’s reminiscent of older films like Dial M for Murder (which Coppola spoke about) but it’s got a new edge including Val Kilmer sitting in front of a laptop, with whiskey in a plastic cup, working on versions of his book saying things like “a mist descends on the lake… in the… unwanted… the fog floated out like… the fog floats out like tears on a whales ass.” Rather funny. Je then starts talking about fog like a number of unique characters such as a steamboat captain and a gay 60′s basketball player. He can’t seem to find his way, but the improv is great!

Anyway… His character is trying to write for money in a small “haunted” town where the vampires dress up like well made up/lit Twi-hards. Bruce Dern appears to play a huge role in the film, his voice leads us in with it’s dark, deep tone and then he’s the one that shows us the secrets of the town.

Back to the panel….

This is unlike any other panel. Coppola is speaking about how cinema is still very young and compares them with the help of composer Dan Deacon to opera. He’s now trying to remix the film and play it with live music, but they seem to be having technological difficulties as they’re in the midst of the public dress rehearsal.

12:20 — Coppola just remixed his own film right now and is making Val Kilmer talk to everyone and vamp until he can remix the film…. Val Kilmer is  saying “yeah I wanna go on tour. It’s great working with a genius”

Now they’re stopping and starting the creation because it wasn’t right… Coppola can’t seem to find the pause button. Problem found! Coppola is doing the narration himself for the clip! They’ve not restarted the clip AGAIN. He won’t let it be played it seems. Ok… find the play button. STOPPING AGAIN.

And NOW, finally we’re off! Only a few stumbles, he seems to know the intro well! How amazing is this! Coppola and Comic-Con narrating his freshly made clip with music being made by Dan Deacon as they play.

See for yourself…

12:26 — They don’t seem to be stopping people from filming things so I’m sure this footage will be online soon…

12:32 — Vampire electric chair anyone??? Oh yeah, as Val Kilmer says in the scene…  “that’s different!” Gotta love a vampire with braces too… The world is interesting and time doesn’t seem to exist.

The second clip is different, not sure which is actually representative of the film, but both are fascinating! It’s like nothing you’ve seen but reminiscent of almost everything you have with a new spin. I love Coppola and Kilmer singing along “nosferatu” to they’re own clip.

12:36 — Now we’re watching a third SHUFFLED version of the clips. A version made by the computer…. Can can’t keep up so we’re doing it sans music. Never seen anything like this presentation before. I love how much fun they’re having with it!

The third version doesn’t really make sense, but it’s great to watch them play with something like this and be so free with their material.

Bob Stencil just got up hidden in his Edgar Allen Poe mask making him promise that he will never reboot The Godfather, sadly Coppola doesn’t own the writes but said “it’s a pity because that money could go to investing in new ideas…”

And on that note, Coppola makes them put up the lights so that he can say goodbye to everyone…