Well, it’s about time—after six long years, Robert Rodriguez has finally announced the long-awaited sequel to Sin City, the aptly titled Sin City 2.  Rodriguez let this information, along with a lot more, slip today at Comic-Con.

Ostensibly there to talk up Spy Kids 4: Seriously, Another One?,  Rodriguez quickly got to the cool stuff.  According to The AV Club:

“First up: The long-rumored Sin City 2, which Rodriguez says could begin shooting—in 3-D, naturally—as early as this year from an already-completed script by Frank Miller. The director says he’s also close to making his Machete follow-up, Machete Kills, followed soon thereafter by Machete Kills Again, with the latter reportedly being set in space.”

While utterly ridiculous, I can’t wait for these—although, knowing how Rodriguez talks up dream projects almost as often as Tarantino, it could be a decade before we actually see any of these.

Also on Rodriguez’s docket?

“The other big news is that he is now attached to the long-gestating, modern adaptation of Heavy Metal magazine, an update of 1981’s barbarians-and-boobs and cyborgs-and-Corvettes (and boobs) animated feature that Rodriguez plans to film as an anthology with different directors—which means that the other filmmakers like James Cameron, David Fincher, and Zack Snyder who have also tried to remake Heavy Metal over the years may still have a shot. And along those same lines, Rodriguez confirmed those reports from last year that he still plans on doing a live-action remake of Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi’s custom-van epic Fire And Ice.”

I’m literally not sure how this guy even finds time to sleep at this point.  And, as long as he produces Machete Kills Again, I don’t care.

What do you think of the Rodriguez movie news?