Out here at Comic-Con 2011 bringing you a live blog of the press conference for Twilight Breaking Dawn, out this November. While fans still wait in line, a rather large group of press get to speak to them first and find out what to expect from their upcoming shoot and in Hall H. We should be starting any minute, we’ll keep you posted…

9:10am – First Group of interviewees takes their seats. We have Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Julia Junes, Leah Clear Water, Booboo Stewart….

All of them sans are sharing their experiences on set and how they’re never all these at once.

9:17am – Sadly they weren’t all these on the same day but tried to do something special, but Reaser talks about  “It’s so weird to end something, and 5 movies… we were just kind of in shock. And happy to go home, but knew that we would be promoting the film and seeing each other.”

9:19am – Booboo on coming on and working with the director of the film, Bill Condon:  “He was great and helping you work on set. [Bill Condon] was just an awesome director working with him.”

9:20am – Greene on leaving her character behind: “Yeah I think there’s a part that I’ll miss her. The nice part about it being on film is that I can always see her, but I’ve grown up playing her and missed it.”

9:22am – Some of their favorite lines:

  • Greene: “I was a bit theatrical back then.” Greene then tries to tell Reaser her favorite and they banter…. Reaser seems to not want to answer but wishes her parts were sexier sometimes.
  • Julia: “She has some awesome one-liners. I can think of one and it has to do with Bella being dead already and it’s really biting…” What oh what could she mean???

9:25am- Questions: “If you could walk around anonymously, what would you see and who would you dress up as?

  • Reed “A cowgirl” — to which everyone tells her they’re normally more specific and comic related.
  • Green: “I’d like to dress up as Batman. I just did a short thing for Peter Fletcher for Funny or Die… I definitely felt inspired for Halloween. We have two days here, maybe Halloween will come early.
  • Booboo: “Definitely a zombie.”

9:29am- Fans tweeted in “did you take anything from set, or if you could what would it be?”

  • Reaser: “My wig from the first film! Just joking. Actually I did take some socks, but I needed a pair!”
  • Reed: “My sweats?”
  • Green: “Why do I always feel like I’m going to be in so much trouble if I take anything?”
  • Reed: “I always ask ‘can I just borrow that for the weekend’.”
  • Greene: “I do have a pair of boots… but that was her fault!”
  • Julia: “I took a bunch of make-up. I wish I could have taken the cut-offs.”
  • Booboo: “I took a lot of kraft service! ((laughs) I would have taken my shoes, they were really comfortable.”

Someone tried to ask about “post-Brazil” but they deflected the question and said that “only the lovers” got to go to Brazil to shoot.

They then all joked about Booboo being hit on by older “ladies” and how often that happened to poor Taylor when he was young, which Reaser found rather unsettling.

9:36am – On to the next group! Who will it be?

9:37am – And now they’re intro-ing author Veronica Roth from Divergent. A twist in the plot! We’ll be back with more Twilight soon! Though her story for her book sounds quite fascinating.

What was it like to hear that your book would be turned into a movie?

What happened was, the book hadn’t come out yet. I was completely unaware that anyone knew anything about it. My rep told em there was some interest. As time went on, finally it came to the point where I had to know the details and we want to talk about maybe making this happen. It was very exciting and kind of bewildering. You don’t expect this to happen to you when you’re 22. This is not something I ever imagined. I don’t know how things are going to work. I’m a writer, not a film person. I’m happy to let the people who know what they’re doing take care of it.

Read the full Veronica Roth interview now.

9:47am — MORE TWILIGHT PLEASE! Not yet, another zombie film first based of writer Isaac Mirion’s graphic novel.

10:24am – They just announced that Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Bill Condon are three minutes out!

10:30am – What’s it like being loved all over the world!

Pattinson: “It’s very hard!”

And how was it for all of you shooting on set in Brazil?

  • Stewart: It was nice being able to film on the actual streets. It’s definitely in the context of this film, jarring in a great way.
  • Pattinson: Shooting in Brazil. Every single country has a different reactions. If people try to sneak a picture, in the US, in Brazil people literally try to grab you [for a photo] while you’re in the shot.
  • Lautner: I wasn’t there. They told me that there was an extra that looked just like me. And I saw a picture of him and I thought he was me!
  • Stewart: We was acting like you to.
  • Condon: It was a rewrite! [laughs]
  • Lautner: It’s great, the cameras just going through and I’m just standing there watching you like this [poses like statue].

10:39am – What was the most secretive scene you shot and what was it like?

  • Stewart: “The wedding scenes., definitely. It was secret service style and it was such a pain for the crew. And I was like, ‘if this dress gets on the internet I’ll die!’”

Kristen spoke about how close she’s grown to this character and how the lines between her and Bella are indistinguishable for her.

Condon: “There’s no bigger fan of Twilight than Kristen, she’s always remembering what it was like the first time she read it.”

More coming soon!