Today in “hey, let’s strike while the iron’s hot and make as much money off this sucker as we can” news: so, apparently, there’s going to be a Paranormal Activity 3.  And, on top of that it’s being directed by Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, because, well, they had a popular movie, so tossing this franchise to them means a hit movie, right?  Right guys?  Anyway, there’s a trailer—check it out after the jump.

Well, there you go, and, as The AV Club points out, “we’re still following doomed sisters Katie and Kristi Featherston, a premise that’s been extended by one-upping the Paranormal Activity 2 prequel to go even further back in time, revisiting the childhood haunting referenced in both predecessors.”

So, if watching an idea being hammered into the ground repeatedly in a desperate attempt for studios to wring cash from a sorta-kinda franchise title is your thing, Paranormal Activity 3 definitely sounds like your cup of tea.   And hey, it can be any worse than all of those Saw movies, right?  I mean, it just can’t, right?  Someone seriously tell me that it can’t, please.

What do you think of the Paranormal Activity 3 trailer?