In Monday night’s episode of “Weeds,” Nancy and Silas work together to win over some drug territory, Botwin style. Nancy proves herself a fearless competitor, and gives “Weeds” the push its been needing since the season started. And it’s not that Season 7 has been bad, it’s just that it hasn’t been the kind of great (and exciting) that we fans are use to. But on Monday night, things took a turn. The episode kept me on my toes – it was entertaining from beginning to end, and easily the best episode thus far. ‘A Hole in Her Niqab’ was special alright, check out why.

The Players:

Episode: “A Hole in Her Niqab

Nancy attempts to land a job at Doug’s new office, while Shane sets up their new house without the help of an overwhelmed Andy. Also, Nancy and Silas work together to take down one of the town’s weed dealer.

The Good:

  • Jill’s twins: So you probably remember that Jill – Nancy’s overwhelming sister – has twin girls. Once they were featured as sweet little girls who said the same thing at the same time. Now they’re all grown up. The writers could have kept the twins as flat characters, but instead they gave them some color, which adds a nice touch. The twins are now polar opposites and although their appearance is brief, they are funny and enjoyable.
  • “Anti-drug Nancy”: Nancy is a very spontaneous character. It’s part of her charm. Lately her ‘charm’ has been too much, too wild, even for Nancy’s standards. But in last night’s episode, when Nancy took a drug dealer down by exposing him, Regina George style, her charm was spot on. It was a great moment.
  • Andy’s sexual antics: Oh Andy, the lengths he’ll go to keep things interesting. I commend him for his bravery. On Monday night, Andy reminded me of the rabbi Andy – ah Yael! He gets himself into a a poly-amorous relationship with an artsy chick and a 70-year old male cancer patient. It may sound weird on paper, but when you throw Andy into the mix, it makes for good fun. Odds are the relationship won’t last and this will be another one of Andy’s crazy sex adventures. It’s all good!
  • Shane’s surprise: This wasn’t funny. It was sweet. Awing kind of sweet. Shane takes out some college loans, but instead of sending a check towards higher education, he buys furniture (SPOILER) and puts together a room for his mother. Specifically he puts together Nancy’s Agrestic bedroom. It’s a sweet moment.

The Bad:

  • The hole in her Niqab situation: I didn’t question the title of this episode when I first saw it – until I saw a woman in a Niqab blow up. Yup, “Weeds” went there. Was it a political statement? Was it black comedy? Who knows. Out of nowhere, we find ourselves in a weed plantation in Afghanistan where a man confesses to his co-worker of cheating on his wife. The scene ends with a bang, literally. The whole story does have a (thin) connection to Nancy, but nothing that couldn’t have been replaced by something less, explosive. “Weeds” has ventured into some controversial issues in the past, like drugs, gang violence, drug trafficking, and immigration, but every issue has had a setup. We didn’t get introduced to an underground drug tunnel out of the blue, it slowly got to that point. So far, all we’ve seen is grenades in a suitcase, so the whole suicide bomber thing was premature.


A lot was accomplished in “Weeds” Monday night. Nancy finally got a job in an office and the Botwin’s are back to dealing pot. It seems like a lot of this season is going to be dedicated to Nancy trying to get Stevie back into her custody and I’m excited about that. There’s nothing better than seeing momma Botwin fight for her boys.

Rating: 9/10

“Weeds” airs on Showtime at 10pm (ET/PT) on Monday nights.

What did you think of last night’s episode?