Not a whole to crow about on DVD this week. In fact, there’s only three new releases (not counting the de facto Straight-to-DVD travesties) of any real note landing on shelves this week. And two of those are movies that you don’t remember existed (or at least that Robert De Niro starred in one of them). What a shame!

Luckily, the third DVD is probably the most exciting DVD release (for me) that I can remember. A TV series so beloved that I had to make it my Twitter Avatar. What is it?

Check it out below…

Feature Films

Limitless and Take Me Home Tonight

I have a problem and I think I need some help.

I always lump movies into three categories: Absolutely must-see in Theaters. Will Most Likely See in Theaters and Wait for the DVD.

The first two I’m very solid on. I never miss anything in the first category and only horrible reviews doom the second category. It’s the third category that I have the most trouble with.

It seems that once a movie leaves theaters it’s gone from my mind. Even as I write this column every week and see the movies being released, I just never bother to log on to my Blockbuster Online Account (who’s laughing now?) and add the newbies to my queue.

This week, I’m faced with two such movies. Both that interested me, but only enough to wait for on DVD. I love me some 80s throwback and Limitless actually earned some decent reviews and word-of-mouth. I should be logging on right now to get them in the mail just as soon as I finish my “Larry Sanders” DVDs.

But I won’t do it. I know I won’t do it. And I’ll probably live my life not knowing how Bradley Cooper was able to think so many moves ahead of Robert De Niro or why Dan Fogler continues to get paid as an actor.

Alas, the curse of the lazy.

But if you have these on your DVD to-watch list, you should buy them right now before you forget!

Buy “Limitless” on DVD

Buy “Take Me Home Tonight” on DVD


“Hey Dude!”: Season 1

For a 90s Nickelodeon TV geek like myself, the good news just keeps on coming. First, TeenNick announces that it will begin re-airing old 90s Nickelodeon episodes at midnight starting next Monday. Now, my favorite all time 90s Nickelodeon show (which inspired my Twitter Avatar) is finally available on DVD!

Even better, it gives me a great subject for this week’s show:

What's Your Favorite 90s Nickelodeon Show?

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Buy “Hey Dude”: Season 1 on DVD


And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…

I’m not sure if the tagline refers to the shark attacks or having to watch this movie.