Sounds like Quentin Tarantino is back to giving actors with late-career slowdowns a big boost—after having rescued the likes of John Travolta, Robert Forster, and David Carradine from total pop obscurity by placing them in his films, QT looks set to place none other than Kevin Costner in his upcoming Django Unchained film.

The film, which stars Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson, and is set on a Civil War-era American slave ranch owned by the villainous DiCaprio.  And, according to The AV Club:

“Costner will play Ace Woody, the man who oversees the prostitutes on DiCaprio’s slave ranch and trains the “mandingo” fighters with a sadistic regimen of abuse, murder, and, presumably, the occasional anecdote about his former baseball days.”

Cute.  Though, it is a bit hard to imagine the gee-whiz aw-shucks actor playing a villain (I know, I know, he was a bad guy in Mr. Brooks, but did you see that thing?  Gah), since he’s cultivated a persona of red, white, and blue goodness (even his jerk-ish fish-guy-thing from Waterworld ended up having a heart of gold).

What do you think of Kevin Costner as the villain in the next Tarantino film?