John Carter is a big expensive question mark. It stars Taylor Kitsch - who gave a breakout performance on the TV version of Friday Night Lights - and is directed by Andrew Stanton, who is best known for his work on Pixar animation. The material by Edgar Rice Burroughs has been floating around for a while, and at one point Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News was attached as a producer, and both Kerry Conran and Jon Favreau were on it for a while. But now it’s coming March 9, 2012. Check out the teaser…


There is scale here, though – like Cowboys and Aliens – if gives the sense of a sci-fi western. And the music suggests this isn’t that rock ‘em sock ‘em spectacle that may be expected. Though some of those effects might not be done yet. There’s also the voice of Willem Dafoe, who is going to have to work to not remind that he’s Willem Dafoe.

There’s hope this could be something special, and with Brad Bird also going live action this year, it’s a good year for Pixar alum to be on the big screen. Right now, the material seems undefined, but if this has the sense of adventure and outer space thrills Stanton brought to Wall-E, then it could be something special indeed.

Have you read the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels?