with Harry Potter’s conclusion out of the way, is there another film more highly anticipated than The Dark Knight Rises? Even Peter Jackson‘s Hobbit films don’t have the same heat on them. The Dark Knight Rises is due July 20112, and perhaps with Comic-con drawing close, we finally have a teaser for what appears to be Christopher Nolan‘s last Batman movie. But it’s just a tease. Take a look.


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So there’s a little Christian Bale and Tom Hardy, a lot more Gary Oldman, and – mostly – shots from the first two films. As they are still shooting, it says very little, but it is effective. And don’t be surprised if some of this new footage didn’t end up in the film. The clear shot of Bane looks like it may just be something to tide fans over- it’s worth noting the teaser was made more than a year before the film is due out.

The most important detail is that this is the end. This is a farewell tour, and Nolan is not coming back until his career is so destroyed that that would be the only thing to get him out of director jail – even then he’d probably switch to teaching math over making more Batman. It’s hard to know what that means for the character’s fates, but it definitely raises the stakes – and we haven’t even met Anne Hathaway‘s Catwoman yet.

Does this get you stoked for more Batman?