Good news for fans of mediocre remakes of foreign works of art all in a desperate bid for increasing the profit margin of a corporately-owned movie studio—it looks like the American remake of the anime Akira is now back in development, but… there have been a few changes.

According to The AV Club, Warner Bros. has decided to scrap their original plan of pouring money and creativity into the multi-film project, and are instead cutting the budget by nearly 60% and cutting the massive story down to one manageable film.  Sounds like a hot ticket, right?

“[Warner Bros.] now backed off of plans to make a $250 million two-part epic and revised it as a more modest, $90 million single film under the direction of Jaume Collett-Serra. Thanks to Unknown, the filmmaker has become highly in demand for his signature directing style of not blowing a bunch of money, and his economically agreeable vision could be just what the project needs to become what is now being pitched as “a tentpole with a mid-level budget along the lines of Clash Of The Titans…”

Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I need to go pound my head against the wall for the remainder of the weekend.  Thank you.

What do you think of the Akira remake news?