If you’re not in the mood for wands and wizards this weekend, you’re in luck. There’s a charming little indie also being released in select theaters called Love Etc. which explores the idea of “love” in all its many different forms. The film is a documentary exploring the lives of five different couples living in NY, their relationships, and their ideas of love. It’s a clever film that is able to visually portray this wild emotion that we all seem to chase and rarely find in the way that we’re expecting…

The Players:

  • Director: Jill Andresevic
  • Music by: Rob Simonsen
  • Cinematography by: Luke Geissbuhler

The Good:

  • The Inner-Workings of Love: This film does a good job at showing the true moments of love, whether it be in a small touch of the hand at the right moment, undying love through sickness, or the fears of truly committing, but doing it anyway — love is not easy and it comes in a multitude of forms and this film does a great job of showing the different sides of love.
  • The Old Couple: They steal the film! Their story is one that many of us dream of, that when we’re old and our minds are on their way out, that someone will still care for you, love you, and call you “babe”– their story was so rich and so real because they literally have lived through it all. And something tells me that in their day they were quite the happening couple!
  • The Heart: Though the one story steals the film, the reason the film works is because even in the more wish-washy or unsuccessful stories the film has a lot of heart. It’s not trying to exploit its characters but it does show those tiny moments, intimate moment that resonate with audiences and let you know what’s really going on.
  • The Structure: It’s very interesting to see so many lives and stories explore so this one crazy feeling and have it laid out in one clear storyline. The fact that they had so many different sides of the same coin really made this film quite special.

The Bad:

  • The Women: Maybe it just so happened because of the couples chosen, or maybe it says something about women that I wasn’t aware of, but the women in this film came out looking pretty badly for the most part. Yes they all had their moments and their motivations, but there was no one woman who was truly in love (aside from the elderly woman with dementia). They all seemed to be on the fence and none of them really were as in love as their male counterparts.


It’s a charming film, one that is well worth your time and thought. It’s honest and uplifting in its own way. It’s not entirely what you would expect from a film about love, but then again, when is love ever predictable (unless Sandra Bullock is involved)?

Love Etc. is out on July 15th!