An isolated arctic base. Limited number of people. Contact with an Alien presence. People who are replicated by an alien species so perfectly that it causes dissension in the ranks. Flamethrowers. So far, this fits the description of both 1982′s and 2011′s version of The Thing. In the modern version there are women – with the cast led by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. This version is directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., and the trailer is upon us. Take a look…

John Carpenter‘s remake of the Howard Hawks/Christian Nyby film The Thing from Another World went back to the source material to make a completely different take on the material. This has the same look and feel of Carpenter’s version, and has been touted as a prequel. Familiar faces in the mix include Eric Christian Olsen and Joel Edgerton, but as the Carpenter film kills off the cast as it goes, it’s hard to say who sticks around longer than others – but that’s part of the fun.

The film’s release was delayed, and currently is slotted for release on October 14. There were also reported reshoots, though that’s not necessarily a sign of trouble. This will be the fourth Carpenter film to be remade or rebooted for the big screen (with a supposed remake of Escape from New York in the pipeline, though that seems dead for now), which keeps him tied with Wes Craven for now.

Are horror remakes dead?