Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the long awaited finale is finally here, and though fans will be able to cheer along to the film, my biggest problem is that they won’t really be able to cry. It’s hard not to like this film on some levels because even though it would never stand alone and won’t be the film we all remember from the series, it’s the finale! As always there’s plenty of fine acting, another special effects Oscar win for them lined up, and our lovable characters, BUT it’s all turned into a bit of a Soap Opera and for the end of something SO grand, the film never really makes the decisions to emotionally or tonally go HUGE which was needed in order for it to truly succeed.

(Note: And if you want me to talk about the 3D I can’t and won’t. For all of the other films to be made in 2-D and then this one to swap at the last second was a miss-step and only showed a side of the series that Harry Potter himself would scoff at — it’s not all about money for the viewers. It’s a “smart” business move, but this film should be in 2-D, is beautiful that way, and the 3D is a waste of your time, money and integrity.)

The Players:

The Plot:

The last film of the Harry Potter series. It all comes to an end.

The Good:

  • Our Trio: I still don’t know if it’s great casting, great teachers, growing up around such amazing actors, or just three amazing kids, but not only have our three main characters grown throughout the films, but they’ve grown into three mighty fine actors. Equivalents to the greats that supported them throughout the series. Despite the problems with the film, they’re always believable and seem to bring you back into almost any scene. This is their world and they were the ones who brought it to life for the audience – beautifully done.
  • Supporting Cast: Through the years, this has always been one of the highlights of the series, and once again it hasn’t failed them. Alan Rickman has always played one of my favorite characters and again he gives a great performance, Matthew Lewis who plays Neville Longbottom gave my favorite monologues of the film, Julie Walters as Molly Weasley fills your with delight and with one foul word will have you cheering… I can’t list everyone because I would just be listing the entire cast. All the little moments with the actors were really well done and appreciated.
  • The Effects: As always the Visual Effects department has stretched themselves and created an absolutely beautiful world for us to feast our eyes on (and no need for it to be done in 3D, the 2D color is better and gives you everything you need!.)

The Bad:

  • No Tears: I walked into this wanting to cry, wanting to get emotional, wanting to cheer and then sob my heart out — and there was nothing. There were moments of cheering, which was nice, but never I was never moved to emote anything more.Which leads to my overall problem of all of this being far too happy and never allowing for the film to settle in those dark moments and really revel in everything that’s happened and let the audience feel the severity of the situation. Also (SPOILER) when Voldemort finally faces off with Harry Potter, the last thing we want it a gag from Beatrix (who is great but was wrongly used in the moment). This was the moment we’ve been waiting for, for ten damn years! It’s a shame that it wasn’t taken more seriously.
  • Soap Opera-y: They had too much to explain and too many special effects to get in and as a result, it started to feel like they were forced to cram in as much information in one scene as possible so that they could spend time blowing up stuff in another. Harry was where? When? With who? She did what? Which means? Oh someone is running! But the action never had enough meaning to really hit home mainly because some of the exposition was weak at best and felt almost like an after-thought needing to tie things together.
  • Alan Rickman’s Make-Up: No excuses! A film like this should be visually perfect and despite the impressive special effects, Alan Rickman’s make-up was horrible! His eye liner looked like it was from Pirates of the Caribbean not ANY of the other Potter films! Small detail, but one that kept driving me nuts seeing as he’s one of my favorite characters!
  • The VERY End: (SPOILER) They’re supposed to have aged 19 years, Hermoine (Emma Watson) looked 25 tops, I don’t think it’s possible for a woman to age THAT gracefully (though maybe she knows a spell?). The only one who actually might have looked realistic was Ron (Rupert Grint), but overall the aging was really poorly done.
  • Didn’t Work as “Part 2″: I thought by them turning the last film into two films that they would have the time to really delve into the drama of it all, but instead the first film took away the severity needed to make the second film work. Without that direct pressure that the first film built, the second film is flimsy at best. Though I was excited about the idea of there being two films, they didn’t do it right. The ending would have meant so much more if both films would have been tied into one and they took out the excess and allowed the serious subject matter to really hit home.


I loved Hogwarts the first time I saw it on the screen and the idea of it being destroyed and the series coming to a close is emotional, and I wanted to sob as I saw it fall to the floor, but the film just never moved me. The saddest part about this ending is the lack of sadness in the film. That being said, I’m still a fan of the series and perhaps watching both Deathly Hallows films back to back would give me the emotional closure I was hoping for. If you want to full effect, I’d recommend giving it a try.

Rating: 5/10

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 hits theaters July 15th!



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