Leave it to Franklin and Bash to defend strippers-turned-pole-dancing-instructors. In last night’s episode of “Franklin & Bash,” things took a nasty turn when the two best friends were pit against each other in a court of law. The two had sworn never to let a case come between them, but when their two clients turn against each other, they have no choice but to place ‘the wall of China’ in between. It isn’t before long when they start trying to outshine each other with silly tricks and copycat nonsense, like two boys in a playground. So who won? Check out below…

The Players:

Episode Title: “Franklin vs. Bash”

Franklin and Bash start out by defending two pole dancing instructors accused of stealing a $300,000 necklace, but soon decide to pick sides when their clients can’t come to an agreements. Meanwhile Damien and Hanna help a kid prove that he’s responsible enough to travel the Amazon.

The Good:

  • Franklin vs. Bash: The only thing better than seeing these two talk about who’d they rather sleep with (if their mothers were watching), is seeing them pit against each other. It’s like seeing two brothers fight. Not in the hateful kind of way, but in the ‘you hurt my feelings now apologize’ kind of way. One of their best moments is when each of them tries to win over the jury by copying each others moves. Classic! Because only they would know each others mannerisms when trying to win over a jury.
  • Van Halen: When the two lawyers first present and defend their case to the judge, they do it by quoting Van Halen song lyrics. It would have been a stupid move, if they weren’t such good actors.
  • Franklin: Jared had one of the best lines in the entire episode, and attention must be paid. At the start of the show, Franklin and Bash go to jail to rescue their two clients who happen to be pole dancing instructors. At the end of their conversation (mind you the women are still behind bars), Franklin tells the ladies, ”Our job is no different than yours. We’re here to get you off.” Whoa! Props to whoever came up with that.

The So-So:

  • Again, it’s not “Franklin, Bash & Co”: It’s inevitable (or is it?) there has to be more than two characters. I’m guessing to meet the time requirements. But when the title of a show is called “Franklin & Bash,” why is so much time spent on other boring secondary characters? This show usually has two cases per episode, and before last week, each case always included a Franklin or a Bash or both. Now that Franklin and Bash are teamed up with and against each other, there’s no need for unnecessary cases.


Every friendship has its ups and downs, and it was interesting and entertaining to see this bromance go through some hardships for once. Usually these guys are all fun and games with each. Although they kept their quarrel light, ‘Franklin vs. Bash’ made for a good episode.

Rating: 8/10

“Franklin & Bash” airs every Wednesday night on TNT!

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