Weeds” has not been itself lately. I’d like to think it’s because New York is not an easy adjustment from well, the rest of the United States or Denmark. But the reason is probably because its lead, Nancy Botwin, who is so confused about who she is and what she’s doing, that the whole series feels confused. In last night’s episode, Nancy had a one-on-one with her son Silas and she clearly said, “There’s no plan.” And that’s exactly how “Weeds” feels right now, like there’s no plan.

The Players:

Episode: “Game-Played

After testing positive for marijuana use, Ed arranges for Nancy to start anti-drug classes run by Ms. Keen. Jill tells Nancy that she intends to seek full custody of Stevie. At Nancy’s urging Shane obtains admission to City College of New York. Doug gets a job as a CPA from his college friend. Silas gets his first gig as an underwear model in New York City. Nancy trades Zoya’s weapons for pot from the Sarge and discovers an opening in the sales market.

The Good:

  • Mother Nancy: For brief moments last night, the real Nancy came out (not the careless pothead we saw last week). She was caring of her children, and when situation presented itself that she might lose one of her kids, she became the Nancy of past seasons. She also had a sexy rendezvous which wasn’t as candid as some we’ve seen in the past, but it proved that the Nancy we all know and love is in there somewhere.
  • Shane goes to school: Before becoming a psycho killer, Shane was the nerdy kid who got picked on. For so many seasons, Shane was the beacon of hope for the Botwin family. He was going to be the one to go to college and get a normal career, “as a doctor or lawyer,” Nancy would say. Well it’s happening. The kid is going to school and applying for loans. It’s going to be interesting seeing him in that environment once again.
  • Doug goes to Wall Street: Doug has always been a great character. Out of everyone in Agrestic, he’s the one who stuck around. He was too good to get rid of. And in season 7, he’s the one that keeps the laughs coming. He’s gone to Wall Street now, and gotten a job as a fancy accountant in a fancy office with a giant portrait of his young-self on the wall. Very Doug, if you ask me, and very hilarious.

The Not-So-Good:

  • Silas cons his mother: Not happening! How many times has Silas seen his mother suffer because of drug deals gone wrong? How many times has she been conned? Too many. Yet, in last night’s episode, Silas cons hit mother. He forces her to go halfsies with him, with the pot she got from her grenade deal. Hopefully he’s trying to teach her a lesson and not getting back at her for everything she’s done wrong. That wouldn’t be fair.


Last night’s episode was surprisingly entertaining. It’s difficult to pin-point what was really good or bad because everything was so brief. Every Botwin, plus Doug, got to do their own little thing. The went out into the world, on with their own lives. Nancy tries to get a job (although there were some detours). Silas books a gig. Shane goes loan-hunting. Doug goes white collar on us. And Andy gets fed. It’s a whirlwind of situations, but overall entertaining.

Rating: 8/10

“Weeds” airs on Showtime at 10pm (ET/PT) on Monday nights.

What did you think of last night’s episode?