With Comic-Con around the corner, what presence some of the heavy-hitting comic book titles will have is unknown. Marvel has supposedly stepped out of the way, but there are rumors that The Avengers might show up. And though Legendary Pictures has a panel, Christopher Nolan‘s feverishly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises may have little presence. But – with rumors of a trailer attached to the final Harry Potter film – there is something substantial here now: a poster. Check it out…

This tells you nothing other than the destruction level on this one could be huge. But there’s no Christian Bale, there’s no Anne Hathaway or Tom Hardy – or anyone else in the cast for that matter. Likely they will all get their own character posters at some point. The film is still shooting, and they’re trying their hardest to keep everything under wraps about the story. This is also very similar to what they did on the last film.

As Legendary ran a mis-information campaign last time, it’s quite possible that many of the rumors surfacing about the picture are part of the plan to distract. All that we can be sure of this: Christopher Nolan has carte blanche with this one after The Dark Knight made a billion dollars worldwide and the risky Inception proved to be a big money-maker, and that this is going to be one of the most fun films to anticipate until it’s released on July 20, 2012. We’ll be waiting.

What 2012 film are you most anticipating?