After a week off for the Fourth of July, the DVD picks are back with a nice lineup of big comedies, cartoons, horror movies and Matthew McConaughey’s hair. It’s hard to think of a better belated birthday present to America than that DVD rundown.

But that’s not all. There’s also a couple of critically acclaimed Cable Series unleashing their latest seasons on DVD and the absolute worst DVD you’ll see anywhere.

Check it out below…

Feature Films


I did not see this movie and I have no idea why.

It doesn’t make sense. I try to see every well-reviewed film and this is one of the top five of the year. It boasts an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, a 75 on MetaCritic and our own Mali Elfman gave it a very solid review.

So why did I miss it? Why didn’t I even consider seeing it? It’s simple – it’s animated.

I don’t what it is about animated films but I seem to skip them en masse. How to Train Your Dragon? Didn’t see it. Despicable Me, totally missed it even though my friend is on the production team. Ratatouille? Nope. Not that either. (And it isn’t even the only Pixar film I skipped).

The weirdest thing to me about my constantly skipping animated films is that I really enjoy them. Up was my second favorite movie of 2010. Wall-E my favorite of 2009. Despite this, I just can’t bring myself to go see an animated film.

Can anybody offer me help to get over my animation bias? I feel like I’m only hurting myself!

But if you love animation, you can buy Rango on DVD.


Another big hit that was well-reviewed and actually seen by many as a watershed moment in filmmaking that I didn’t see and had no interest in seeing.

Why? Well this is a simple horror bias. I don’t really care for horror movies, I haven’t seen a tremendous amount and that sort of leaves me outside their sphere of moviegoing.

And that’s where the realm of horror can be off-putting. Not because of the movies themselves, but because of the aura surrounding them and the snobbery of their fans. They’re like comic books in that way – even if you want to get into them, the arrogance and pomposity of all involved will put you off as you’re deemed not worthy to want to watch the remake of “The Grudge” (The Japanese version was much better).

It’s a movie like Insidious that seemed, to me, to fall right into that horror wheelhouse – a great-reviewed little mini-movie that the horror fanboys (and girls) will drool over to no end and when I dare to enter the theater I will be greeted with sneers and rolled eyes as I fail to compare the frights in the film to the original version of ‘The Wicker Man’.

So yes, horror can be very intimidating – even if movies don’t scare you at all.

If you are one of those horror fans, you can buy Insidious on DVD.



“Damages”: Season 3 and “Entourage”: Season 7

Two shows. Two cable shows. Two cable shows that have left their best days far behind them. So I ask our weekly TV on DVD poll question:

Which show has diminished in Quality the most?

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Buy “Damages”: Season 3 on DVD

Buy “Entourage”: Season 7 on DVD


And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…

I think we have this year’s winner for ‘Most Ironic Tagline’.