After last weekend’s solid July 4th box office, Transformers: Dark Of the Moon will look to retain it’s spot on top of the box office, while Kevin James kid flick The Zookeeper, and the Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, comedy Horrible Bosses, and holiday leftovers all compete for box office dominance.

Last weekend Shia Labeouf and CO opened Transformers:Dark Of The Moon to strong box office receipts domestically and internationally. While the sequel didn’t break any box office records for the series it did receive solid cinema score grades, an increase in sales from friday-saturday, and strong weekday grosses. With no real direct completion this weekend, look for Transformers to hang on to the #1 spot.

Kevin James hopes to erase movie-goers memories of his last film the box office dud The Dilemma, with his latest the kid flick The Zookeeper. Kevin James box office clout has risen sharply over the past few years as the former King Of Queens star scored  hits with such films as Paul Blart,Grown Up’s, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. The poor performance of The Dilemma, the been their done it feel of The Zookeeper( Night At The Museum, Alvin & The Chipmunks) should limit The Zookeeper from breakout success  in it’s opening weekend. However, kid flicks have been preforming well this summer, and The  Zookeeper seems like a role tailor made for Kevin James. Look For The Zoo- keeper to open in the # 2 spot this weekend.

Looking to be another breakout comedy of the summer ala Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher, comes Horrible Bosses. Comedies this summer have been reaping enormous success at the box office, even including the poor reviewed The Hangover 2 which has grossed over $500M world wide.  Add in a well known, liked ensemble cast which includes Jason Bateman, Jamie Fox, Collin Farrell, funny trailers, and Horrible Bosses should open in the #3 spot.

Rounding out the top five will be Cars 2 which should see it’s grosses sliced in half once again as movie goers are not taking too kindly to this sequel, and Larry Crowne which will be the only option this weekend for the adult moving going crowd.

Our Predictions for the Top Ten

  1. Transformers 3: DOTM: -Our Prediction-$43-45M Weekend Box Office
  2. The Zookeeper: Our Prediction$40-45M Opening Weekend Box Office
  3. Horrible Bosses:Our  Prediction- $14-16M Opening Weekend Box Office
  4. Cars 2: Our Prediction- $13M Weekend Box Office
  5. Larry Crowne:Our Prediction- $7M Weekend Box Office
  6. Bad Teacher: $Our Prediction- $6.5M Weekend Box Office
  7. Super 8: Our Prediction- $8.5M Weekend Box Office
  8. Monte Carlo: Our Prediction-$7.5m Weekend Box Office
  9. Mr.Poppers Penguins:Our Prediction- 3M Weekend Box Office
  10. Midnight In Paris: Our Prediction-$2.7M Weekend Box Office.