An untrustworthy millionaire rollerblades into the Infeld Daniels law firm, with a hot bikini blonde in one arm and a bag full of cash on the other. Playing the part of the millionaire D-bag is non other than Jason Alexander. Last night’s “Franklin & Bash” was put to the test. The duo of young lawyers were forced to look at their tactics. Are they ethical? Are the right or wrong? Thankfully they have a wonderful boss who cares less about money and more about charity work. Let’s see what worked in ‘Big Fish.’

The Players:

Episode Title: “Big Fish”

A wealthy CEO, Carter Lang who believes he only has two more months to live hires Franklin and Bash wanting to liquidate his financial assets in his company. Meanwhile, Karp and Hanna seek Pinder’s help to attain a new client who just happens to be Indian and a germaphobe like him.

The Good:

  • Jason Alexander: Alexander as Carter Lang? Perfection. Lang is a corporate CEO who’s just been told he’s going to die due to some type of pancreatic cancer. Lang takes this chance to make amends and go on a spending spree, except all his money is becoming bail money because he keeps getting into trouble. From the beginning, Lang’s intentions are questionable, and soon we find out why. Once the truth if revealed, Lang shows his true colors. Alexander is a great actor who nails his guest starring role. Too bad his character is going to Haiti.
  • Franklin & Bash: This pair of lawyers has yet to lose a case. Last night, they were close to losing, until they decided to turn against their own scumbag of a client. Franklin and Bash jump to the prosecutors’ side – at some point Franklin says, ‘The prosecution’s right, for once’ –  and their client has nothing to do but take it. In most episodes (so far), these lawyers are paired up with other lawyers or split apart, but in last night’s episode they were together the whole way. These two have a wonderful friendship onscreen. They make a great team and put on a great show.
  • Pindar: Man is this kid funny. As if his ridiculous phobias were not enough. Pindar showed another side of himself in this episode. Usually he’s in the background, but in ‘Big Fish’ he fishes a client. 

The So-So:

  • Damien Karp and Hanna Linden: Who are these lawyers? And why are they getting so much attention? Yes, they are part of the firm, and they are entertaining as side kicks to our leading stars, but if Franklin and Bash aren’t sitting with them in court or in a meeting, it’s not important. Also, it’s annoying (this show is about Franklin and Bash). Instead we should be seeing Bash trying to win his ex-girlfriend back.


We’ve seen Franklin and Bash work together in court, but not like this. In last night’s episode the duo put their charms to work against their own client, the rich and unapologetic Carter Lang. These young lawyers have chemistry that’s completely believable, add to that Jason Alexander as a guest star, and we’ve got a great episode on our hands.

Rating: 8.5/10

“Franklin & Bash” airs every Wednesday night on TNT!

What did you think of last night’s episode?