Weeds” has taken us to many places – the Suburbs, Mexico, underground, off-the-grid and now New York. Things always went from bad to worse (sometimes unbelievably worse). And no matter the Botwin family destination, there’s always been good entertainment to go along. But “Weeds” might’ve made a wrong turn when it decided to take us to New York. It’s been three years since the big bust and there are a lot of missing details. Nancy is out of prison after being charged with murder, which is an unlikely situation in the real world (but we’ve learned that nothing is impossible for Mrs. Botwin). Let’s check out if New York is serving as a good destination for the Botwins.

The Players:

Episode: “From Trauma Cometh Something

Struggling to create a new life for herself in New York, Nancy is thrown for a loop when Andy and Shane show up on her doorstep; Silas seeks to launch a state side modeling career; Doug looks up an old friend.

The Good:

  • Silas: Silas has come a long way since the days when he use to call his mom Nancy and come home high on Ecstasy. Even though he chose a somewhat phony career (modeling), he’s matured. Unlike his mother, Silas is a character who learns from his mistakes. It’s great to see a character actually evolve and learn from his mistakes. In last night’s episode, Silas goes to a job interview and somehow ends up pouring his heart out to a modeling agent. That episode was the best thing of the night.

The Bad:

  • Nancy the pothead: Nancy may have been the worse of things, but she was never a pothead. She stayed away from her product. Her reason for dealing drugs was because she needed to support her family and maintain her lifestyle. Now in Season 7, we’ve got Nancy smoking pot and trading bombs for pounds of weed. Things don’t make sense. Nancy isn’t with her family so she doesn’t need to slang drugs to make money, and why is she getting high? Yes, Nancy has always been a wild card, but not like this.
  • Slow pacing: Last night’s episode was nothing but a few meet n’ greets and subway rides. Three years have gone by, and we know practically nothing of  what happened in that giant gap. In past seasons, we’ve always been there when situations are created and being developed. At the beginning of season 7, we are sort of lost. We don’t know what is going on or how Nancy has changed. Being out of the loop doesn’t feel so great. There needs to start being some flashbacks or something because things don’t make sense.


So Shane is taller, Silas is a man, Nancy is someone other than the suburban mom/drug dealer/FBI informant we use to know, and Andy, well, he’s probably the same, but most of the Botwin’s have changed.”Weeds” still has a good sense of humor, but it’s going to take some time to get use to the fact that we’ve missed out on three years of the characters’ lives.

Rating: 7/10

“Weeds” airs on Showtime at 10pm (ET/PT) on Monday nights.

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