Franklin & Bash” has some daddy issues. Wednesday night was filled with father/son plots, including a Franklin twisted  family reunion. Sadly, there were no Margarita Mondays to attend to during this episode, but you’ll be happy to know that Franklin and Bash did go back to their favorite burger joint for a small celebration. This week’s episode was somewhat different than the ones before it so let’s take a look. Was it for the better or worse?

The Players:

Episode Title: “You Can’t Take It With You”

A family feud rages when one side sues the other over a prized home-run baseball. Jared tries to cover all the bases, but he ends up battling his own father (Beau Bridges) in the case. Meanwhile, Peter and Hanna defend a reality-TV father (Tom Arnold); and Karp and Pindar work on a top-secret project.

The Good:

  • Breckin Meyer: Week after week Meyer keeps outshining Goseelaar. The show obviously has two leads, but Meyer’s character has been given more to do and he’s just great. This week’s episode could’ve turned into a mess with the whole daddy issue theme, but Meyer is able to squash the sentimental stuff and bring out the funny. He does still show another side of his character (a more vulnerable side) and makes it clear to the audience that he and his father do have unresolved issues, but he never comes off as whiny or childish. He knows the tone of the show, and he sticks to it.
  • Spontaneity: “Franklin & Bash” had its fair share of spontaneous moments this week including (SPOILER) having Franklin’s dad show up as the opposite council, a reality show and indecent spam. Completely unexpected. Props!

The So-So:

  • Father/Son tension: It’s not that the tension was bad between Franklin and his father, it was more like awkward. Like stated above, Meyer was great and vulnerable. Round of applause. But when it came down to dad (Bridges), he just didn’t seem so invested in the relationship or the role.

The Bad:

  • Holes: Having Franklin’s father show up so, out of nowhere, left a lot of holes. Basically, a lot of things were said without any recollection (flashbacks, conversations, etc.) or follow-up explanations. (SPOILER) For example, Franklin’s dad sends him to jail and it’s never really explained why that happens. Hopefully these questions get answered as the show continues, and sooner rather than later.


Usually “Franklin & Bash” is a joy ride of hilarious one-liners and courageous twists, but Ep. 5 turned out to be somewhat of a drag. The cases weren’t so great. The jokes were few. However, we’ve still got two amazing leads who are full of charisma. They are the main attraction and there’s no reason to give up on this show after one miss.

Rating: 7/10

“Franklin & Bash” airs every Wednesday night on TNT!

What did you think of last night’s episode?