Today in Random Collision Of Disparate Pop Cultural Elements That Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With One Another And Yet Are Sharing Space Nonetheless news, it was announced that Wu Tang Clan rapper RZA will be joining the cast of G.I. Joe 2, the most clamored for and desired sequel in the history of cinema, ever (just doing that to see if you’re still paying attention).

The AV Club has the scoop on RZA’s joining of the G.I. Joe 2 cast, which also includes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, so you just know that it’s not going to suck:

“In keeping with his kung-fu obsession, RZA will play the martial-arts expert Blind Master, who trained past Joe commandoes such as Snake Eyes and Jinx in the ancient art of protecting their neck. The character appeared only once in the comics, and was mentioned a single time but never seen in the cartoon, making him an odd choice for inclusion.”

So there you go—if you weren’t considering catching G.I. Joe 2 in theaters on the opening weekend, perhaps the addition of these two stars will lure your particular demographic into the seats on opening night.  If not, maybe the studio could release it in 3-D for you?  Maybe with all the dialogue Auto-Tune’d?  Would that help?

What do you think of the G.I. Joe 2 casting news?