After spending 12 years chasing after sexual predators on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (part of the Law and Order:  Seriously, All We Have To Do Is Make A Show That At Least Peripherally Pertains to the Justice System, Slap ‘Law and Order’ On As the First Part of the Name, And You’ll Watch This Crap TV universe), Christopher Meloni has decided not only to call it quits on SVU, he’s decided to join forces with the Man of Steel.

According to The AV Club, Meloni will joining the cast of Zach Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel:

“The Superman reboot that has begun to rival The Hunger Games in its filling of even minor roles with well-known names has just hired Meloni to play some sort of general, according to what the actor told Vulture over the weekend, although any details beyond that are obviously still being kept secret. What we do know is that said “general” is not General Zod, as Michael Shannon was long ago confirmed for that, and that part of Meloni’s scenes will be shot at Edwards Air Force Base, suggesting he will be a good old American general, not the alien insurgent kind.”

So it appears as if literally half of Hollywood is going to star in this thing—in which case, we really need to get Danny DeVito in there as Mr. Mxyzptlk. That’s a match made in Heaven.

What do you think of the newest Man of Steel casting news?