Studios – like Ain’t-it-Cool-News Talkbackers – love calling “First!” And with studio tentpole titles, they like to have breathing room. The weekends for big releases are now being called years ahead of time, with films that often have no scripts and no casts. Maybe they have some contractual agreements with the stars – stars often have to sign on for a number of films if the studio thinks they have a franchise – but even there, the cast and crew aren’t always lined up. On that note, Universal has announced that Fast Five‘s sequel will be hitting theaters May 24, 2013.

This suggests that Dwayne Johnson, and original stars Vin Diesel, and Paul Walker are returning, but with this franchise, they’ve made films without either original lead, so who’s to say. What is known is that Fast Five cleared $200 million domestic, and worldwide is nearing $600 million. The franchise – which has been around for a little over a decade now – seems to know what to do now, and Universal’s smart to keep going with the sereis.

And yet making movies for release dates has led to some bad movies. The best example is Iron Man 2, which was – quite obviously – rushed into production to meet a street date. One of the better examples is X-Men: First Class. But even if First Class proves to be the best summer film this year, fans will note that some of the effects shots went unfinished. The idea seems to be that audiences will go anyway – regardless of what critics think, regardless of what the majority of audiences think – because of the branding. To that end… they’re right.

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