Can Captain America save the summer for superheroes? That’s the question now that we’re three comic-book movies in this summer. And for all the hype, none have performed to expectations. Thor started the summer and is doing Wolverine numbers, while X-Men: First Class and The Green Lantern have done underwhelming business. But maybe Chris Evans and Tommy Lee Jones will get the masses excited. Or maybe this new trailer. Check it out…


This has scope and scale, and looks to be a great adventure movie, with a great leading role for Evans – who’s bounced around and has the movie star looks, but hasn’t found the right role yet. Joe Johnston directed, and he’s always been a good worker – though he is coming off the troubled The Wolfman.

But as a studio, it’s time to get nervous. There was hope that 3-D would raise grosses, but audiences have turned on the format, while superhero movies have been on a slide – at least ones not starring Spider-Man or Batman.Again, part of this could be that these lesser-knowns can pack the punch, but most liked the new X-Men movie, and it did middling business for such a successful franchise. Perhaps the films just need to be better, and hopefully Captain America is the antidote. The film opens July 22.

Are you tired of superhero movies?