Even tied to a chair, Jason Statham is a formidable foe – at least int he new trailer for Killer Elite. No, it’s not a remake of the old (and not particularly good) Sam Peckinpah film, and yes that’s Statham going toe to toe with Clive Owen. And, yes, that’s Robert De Niro brawling like a man half his age (or with good stuntpeople).  Check it out…


On some level, it’s sad to see Owen playing against Statham. Clive Owen is easy on the eyes, and has dramatic chops to boot, but movie stardom has eluded him (to be fair, Hollywood tried), but with the presence of Robert De Niro as well, it seems that this is a classed up action film. And… this trailer is a lot of fun.

With the use of “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” the film seems to be implying all the right things, namely that this is a throwback to the heady action days of the 80′s, when elderly gents like Charles Bronson, and the mustached Chuck Norris were playing drive-in’s across the nation. It’s smart to appeal to that nostalgia as that’s partly what made The Expendables a hundred million dollar hit. The action in this looks good, so hopefully it delivers when it hits theaters September 23.

Who would you rather see win: Owen or Statham?