Craig Brewer took on the assignment of remaking Footloose, and the challenges were legion. The premise is still the same – a concerned father/local reverend (Dennis Quaid here) gets his community to stop dancing. An outsider (played by newcomer Kenny Wormald) comes to town, and doesn’t think the rules should apply anymore, while he also romances the reverend’s daughter (Julianne Hough). Will the town ever dance again? The trailer suggests yes. Check it out…


Brewer seems to have done his homework, as there’s hints of the more modern musicals in the film – the dancing recalls the acrobatics of the Step Up series. But for what seems like a terrible idea (even the premise in the 1980′s seemed taken from a 1940′s or 1950′s musical), this looks surprisingly fun. Though this definitely smells like one of more recent teen musicals, it could be interesting to see what a director like Brewer does to make it his own.

And Brewer has shown an eye for good melodrama. This is in his wheelhouse, and as long as he can find a way into the story, it might be entertaining on its own terms. The original is fun enough, but seems more popular for those nostalgic than much of a classic.  Check out the full poster below.

The film opens October 14.

Are you a fan of Kenny Loggins?