One of the great modern working relationships is Viggo Mortensen and David Cronenberg. A Dangerous Method is their third film together, and while Eastern Promises was solid but minor Cronenberg, this looks like the master in full-on kink mode. Mortensen plays Freud, while Michael Fassbender plays Carl Jung, who obviously gets in over his head with paitent Keira Knightley. Check out the trailer…

Thanks to Empire for the trailer. One of the best things about Cronenberg is that he’s not afraid to delve into deviancy, and the subject matter is intruiging because it’s about someone who must wrestle with the emotional versus the physical, and also because the idea of Michael Fassbender spanking Keira Knightley is its own reward. And all the main performers have shown a willingness to let it all hang out, so how far this goes is likely left to the MPAA.

Sony Pictures Classics will be releasing the film at some point in the next year. Michael Fassbender is primed to be the star of the year (even if X-Men: First Class is doing so-so business), so if his performance is excellent, it wouldn’t be surprising for this to be Oscar bait. The pedigree is there, the question is if it will be too much, too explicit for the supposedly elderly academy.

Who in this cast would you most like to be spanked by?