After three psyche-out trailers, The Muppets finally has a non-parody trailer. Of all the reboots and relaunches, The Muppets could not be coming back at a more opportune time – people love the characters, most people in the United States grew up with Kermit and company (if not through the show and the series of movies, then through Sesame Street). The human cast includes Jason Segel, Amy Adams and Chris Cooper, and the trailer is great. Check it out…


Everything so far about the marketing campaign of this movie is aces. The playfully irreverent tone, the weird cameos (that is Wall*E driving them, isn’t it?), and the interplay seems right on the money. And perhaps it’s just the journalist set, but the excitement around this title is palpable among our peers.

This is partly because the characters never got mercilessly beaten into the ground. Where Disney churned out a number of feature films and direct to video titles with these characters, that works never hit over-saturation. These characters are beloved, and the people making the film seem to approach it with reverence to what makes them work. All will be known when the opens November 23, just in time for the Holidays. This is the start of what appears to be a long marketing campaign, so expect more until it hits.

Mahna Mahna?