Ryan Dunn, star of the Jackass television show and movie series, died last night when he and a passenger got into a car accident. There have been reports that Dunn may have not been sober at the time, but that is yet unknown. Dunn achieved stardom as a friend of Bam Margera’s who proved himself willing to subject himself to all sorts of torturous activities for the cameras. That then led to being part of the cast of Jackass.


When it came to the Jackass stars it just was assumed someone would eventually die from one of their stunts, or the hard living that many engaged in  -Steve-O was often considered the most risky but he has since sobered up.  Jackass 3 felt like the end of the road for the gang (the years and the mileage were adding up), and with Dunn’s passing, it will likely end the series.

Dunn’s role was often as Bam Margera’s punching bag (a role played by many of the cast), but he often came across as the group’s Eyore. Dunn’s big eyes would suggest that he knew someone was about to get hurt doing something stupid, but could do nothing to stop it. Dunn proved triumphant in the first Jackass movie. He got the film’s closing prank, which involved getting an x-ray of a toy car stuck in his rectum. He proved game for anything, even if he knew it would hurt.

What do you think of when it comes Ryan Dunn?