It’s hard to know what to make of the Conan the Barbarian reboot. Will Jason Momoa have the same appeal as Arnold Schwarzenegger did when he took on the role? Will Marcus Nispel deliver a quality sword and sandal epic, or will this be another big budget film that ends up looking like a slightly more expensive Syfy movie? Hard to say, but the film is going for the R rating, and this trailer highlights some of that bloodshed. Check it out…

Thanks to IGN for the trailer. This highlights Rachel Nichols, and gives a taste of Ron Perlman and Rose McGowan in the film. It also features violence, and like the late summer hit The Expendables, it’s possible that after a summer of kid-friendly superhero films, and a lot of bloodless mayhem that the raw meat nature of this kind of film could hit the spot.

Still, you never know with a film like this if they spent the money in the right places, and if it has the scale to impress. But as long as Momoa has the arrogance of Conan, and looks competent with a sword, it could work. Basically, this has to make Momoa a star. But, no pressure. The film is also in 3-D. Wonder how popular that will be by year’s end.

Do you want to hear the lamentations of the women?