One of the most exciting-looking movies of the summer is Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Though 20th Century Fox hasn’t always treated the franchise with respect – either in the original run or in it’s re-imagined Tim Burton fiasco – but the story is durable because man’s relationship to nature and meddling scientists are an evergreen subject. Now there’s a new teaser for the film starring James Franco, and it plays like gangbusters. Check it out…


Though the presence of Tom Felton as ape-hating character seems a little labored, all the new details suggest that this could be epic (and if the film deals with apes as partly an issue of race – as other Apes films have – turning a firehose on the primates with strengthen that point), even if much of the action of the uprising is third act material.

Also, it’s nice to see more John Lithgow, both in the footage, and just in general. It’s also notable that this trailer doesn’t feature that much Franco, which is both good and bad. He gets a killer “driving away” shot, though. And then there’s that wonderful monkey mayhem. Hopefully the film will live up to the promise of these trailers, though the work on Caesar – the main ape played by Andy Serkis – already looks like next level stuff. We’ll know for sure August 5.

Ape Shall Never Kill Ape!