UPDATE: We’ve heard from people who’ve seen the film and were told that the twins do not appear in the final cut.

Remember the robots in Transformers 2? The ones that most people thought were racist? The ones Michael Bay said wouldn’t be in Transformers 3, aka Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Well – according to the voice of Skids – the duo were to appear in the third film. Check out the full quotes after the jump…

At the junket for Winnie the Pooh, we were given a chance to talk with Tom Kenny, who voiced Skids, and this was our exchange:

Are you sad that the twin robots didn’t come back for Transformers 3?

Tom Kenny: (Laughs) I, uh… Spoiler alert!

Did you then do some work on Dark of the Moon?

TK: Yes, and unless I’m mistaken, there’s a little bit of the twins in there. And as well as the Joe Pesci guy (Wheelie).

Were you surprised at the response to those characters?

TK: I was, yeah. Because I wasn’t thinking about it. Me and the other actor – Reno Wilson – we went in there and the director said that the characters mindset was informed by watching Bad Boys and old hip hop videos. They’re wanna-be gangsters. So we just did it. I would say there were some lines where I would say “Michael, are you sure?” and he would say “Yeah, it’s fine.” And then there was this minor shitstorm, but then Michael Jackson died, which took some of the heat off. Michael took one for the team.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon comes out June 29, and it seems likely that Bay toyed with the idea of having them in (likely to simply kill them off) and that may have raised as many problems as having created them in the first place. Perhaps their scene(s) will appear as deleted scenes on the eventual DVD and Blu-ray.

Does this make you want to see the movie more or less?