So this is kind of a big deal—it turns out that a major plot point may have leaked from the set of The Dark Knight Rises, as broken by Drew McWeeny at Hitfix.  First, to recap what we already know—this is the last film in the Christopher Nolan continuity of Bat-films, Catwoman and Bane show up at some point, and a young version of Batman Begins villain Ra’s al Ghul will appear via  flashbacks (as played by Josh Pence).  However, rumor has it that a particularly big name actor will be returning to the film and portraying his villainous character from earlier in the series.

This, according to /Film:

“Drew McWeeny at HitFix got news today of a scene shot on Monday. He has tried to confirm his info with Warner Bros., which politely declined to comment at all. What he learned is that Liam Neeson was on set on Monday to shoot a scene in which he reprises the role of Ra’s al Ghul.”

Wowza.  Now, despite the fact that this character is, you know, kind of dead (he was killed at the end of Batman Begins), his character, Ra’s al Ghul, was nigh-immortal in the Batman comic mythos.  And if the new Batman film picks up that thread, it sounds like The Dark Knight Rises is ready to get weird on us.

What do you think of the Batman news?