A trio of modestly big early year releases hit DVD this week and they run the gamut. Sci-Fi-philes can dig into some Battle: Los Angeles, gross-out comedy lovers have Hall Pass to whet their dirty appetites and fans of inexplicable fairy tale remakes can indulge themselves with Red Riding Hood. Such a variety of DVDs, but are they really that different? Perhaps not.

Learn why below and check out the worst DVD of the week…


Feature Films

Hall Pass, Red Riding Hood and Battle: Los Angeles

These three movies deserve to be grouped together as they fall into a category of film with which I’m absolutely obsessed.

I have no idea how to define this category and there isn’t any specific movie that fits into this category. Being filed in this group doesn’t really have anything to do with how much the movie makes, the quality of the film, or how it’s perceived. It’s just something that happens to a movie and the steps are as follows:

1. It’s a wide release that’s relentlessly promoted. It’s even better when it has a TV tie-in like you see it at NBA All-Star week or the ‘American Idol’ contestants

2. It comes out, it’s usually number one or two in a weak box office weekend and then quickly fades from view without bombing. Also, you don’t know a single person who saw this movie.

3. The movie doesn’t connect with anybody and enters a weird nether region where it can’t be found on cable, stocked at Blockbuster or for purchase at any brick and mortar store within five years. It’s just gone.

And so many movies follow that path. Remember Dinosaur? That insanely promoted Disney animated film that was on movie popcorn bags all over every summer program and advertised to no end? That movie came out ten years ago. It’s an official Disney Animated Film. It made a good amount of money! When is the last time you saw it on TV, heard somebody mention it or even remembered that it existed? It never happens!

And there are dozens of these wide release movies that come out each year. Movies that are the only commercial on television and the only game in theaters for weeks on end that have a three week shelf life before they vanish like they never happen. It’s a situation where if you don’t see it that opening weekend you have no chance of seeing it ever. Not because it’s unavailable, but because it doesn’t even occur to you to ever seek it out – because you don’t remember that it was an actual movie that existed.

I’m absolutely certain that this fate will befall all three of these early year releases. They’ve already accomplished the first two parts of the formula (At least I don’t remember they came out, and I don’t know anybody who saw them) and they’re on the fast track to being completely forgotten.

So if you want to catch them before they completely fade from your memory, you’ll need to buy them on DVD:

Click Here to Buy Hall Pass on DVD.

Click Here to Buy Red Riding Hood on DVD.

Click Here to Buy Battle: Los Angeles on DVD.

And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…