Joe Cornish’s debut film Attack the Block has been screened repeatedly in America and is already out in the UK, but after the great press out of SXSW it was unknown when the film would hit American shores. Screen Gems bought the rights, and now the film is going to go out on limited screens July 29. This is great news – we’ve seen the film and it delivers the same sort of 80′s throwback charms that Super 8 promised but couldn’t deliver.

The cast is mostly unknowns, other than Nick Frost – who turns up as a pot dealer, and the other best known name on the title is Edgar Wright, who helped produce. Director Cornish is one of Wright’s writing partners, and the two helped write the upcoming Tintin film for Steven Spielberg.

As per the movie, we’ll go into more details when we get closer to release, but you can trust that the film is great. The story of young hoods who discover an alien and have to defend themselves and their apartment complex from an invasion, is just a big bag of awesome. It’s a witty stab at the sort of genre filmmaking that deserves to be mentioned alongside such perennials as Joe Dante’s Gremlins and John Landis’s An American Werewolf in London. Get excited.

How much have you heard about Attack the Block?