“Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, together at last!” That’s the marketing hook for Hanks’s film Larry Crowne, which he co-wrote and directed – or at least what’s supposed to be appealing about this. Then again, they were in Charlie Wilson’s War together, and that disappeared. The first trailer played up the idea of a man (Hanks) starting his life over after being laid off, this new trailer goes less with the melancholy, and more the yuks by playing up the presence of George Takei and Cedric the Entertainer. Check it out…

This is a slightly more charming version of the original trailer, but it’s weird to think that these two coming together isn’t an event film. The industry has changed so much since the 90′s (when both were in their heyday), that it will be interesting to see if this bit of counter-programming works.

But if the first trailer captured the tone more honestly, two things have happened: one is that they have rejiggered the marketing campaign (probably out of fear), and two they may be afraid of selling the despair that comes with unemployment and starting over to a nation that is dealing with high unemployment rates. Interestingly, Bridesmaids was able to have a character suffering a terrible financial crisis, but that film has now made over a hundred million dollars.  This looks like a word of mouth hit, but it would have been a sure thing fifteen years ago.

Are Roberts and Hanks the new Hanks and Ryan?